Google Forms

Google Forms is really the selling point for moving to Google Apps. If you have ever tried to create a survey or even get orders for lunch, you know how hard this is in MS Office. If you use Outlook you have to use Voting buttons and then manually count every ones answers. If you use Word you have to use a the Forms toolbar which may require you to use Visual Basic and then you have to protect the form so no one writes over it. After all that you still have to manually collate the answers to see what information you got. You would have a better time in Access but most people find Access too powerful to create a simple form. Many just give us and make their Word document a pdf and call it good.

Not in Google Apps, they give you Google Forms. This wonderful App is so easy to use. There’s tons of types of questions, you can make dependent questions with built-in scripts, you can embed forms in emails, on websites, and as a stand-alone URL.

But the best part by far is that Google Forms automatically makes a Google spreadsheet for each Form that you create. Each recipient’s answers get collated into the spreadsheet and Google even gives you graphs of their responses.

The first time I saw Google Forms I transferred to Google Apps. I write surveys and exams for every class that I give. With Google Forms it only takes me a few minutes versus the hours I used to agonize in Word trying to make a one-page survey.

You can even get notified when someone fills out a form so you can see their responses. Inside a company you can have the form filled out anonymously or with their contact information.

Our GDrive class shows you the functionality of Google Forms and how to get the most of them.
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