Google Plus for Business

Google+ is the second largest social platform and is growing by 500,000 users per day. It is imperative that your business utilizes Google Plus for Business.

Google+ still has customer pages for you, unlike Facebook and Twitter where trying to get your company name can be difficult at best. Google+ has your company page waiting for you.

Once you have registered your company, Google will send you a postcard with an access code. Once you get and put this code into your company page you can have a custom URL for your business page.

Our classes show you how to customize your Google+ page, what Ripples, and Circles are and how to use them.

In order to use Google Hangouts to its fullest advantage you need to be on Goolge+.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+ allows you to post to just certain groups. No more Public or Connections, with Google+ you can post to your company, just your customers, or to your friends.

You can also send invites to Events through Google+ that will go directly on other Google users’ calendar when they accept.

You also get access to Google Hangouts on Air, which is a great place to find new and exciting content.

Google+ also keeps track of all your chats and hangouts so you can return to them at any time.

Google+ has a lot to offer a company and is a great way to connect with your customers. If you are using your phone to get a review of a local business you are most likely looking at Google+ reviews. People read these reviews and decide whether or not to go to your business. If you aren’t on Google+ how can they make that decision.

We have a Google+ classes and Google Hangout courses.
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