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Management Assistance

Executive Assistant

Even with the tremendous power and efficiency of the Google platform, busy managers still sometimes need a little help.

That’s where Executive Assistant training comes into play. Our classes teach you how to delegate common administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s most important — growing your business.

Email management

It’s no secret that email is the heart of modern business, but the workload is often more than one person alone can bear. Thankfully, delegation options are easy to configure inside of Gmail. After being granted permission, assistants can send, reply, and delete messages on your behalf.

But that’s just the beginning.

Assignees can also organize your inbox using custom labels and filters — making sorting and archiving a breeze. Keyboard shortcuts and optional auto response tools mean inbox zero is closer than you think. Gmail also allows delegates to quickly turn messages into task items. Thus, ensuring you and your team are ready for anything.  

Calendar assistance

The power to delegate doesn’t stop at email — you can also grant permission to manage your Google Calendar events as well. Assistants can accept or decline meeting invites on your behalf as well as create or modify new entries. Assignees can also handle notification reminders and schedule rooms and resources (to keep operations running smoothly).

Grant access — not control

Although offloading everyday tasks is great, you should never give up full control. Our Executive Assistant training shows you how to delegate assignments while still preserving account security. By default, assistants are never allowed to change your settings, access chat features or conversations, work offline, or view personal task lists.

You maintain control of what others can see and do at all times.


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