Hassle Free, 
Smart Surveys

Google Forms

Google Forms makes collecting data easy.

If you’ve ever tried to create a survey or even get orders for lunch in Outlook or MS Office, you know how inefficient it is.

With Outlook, you have to manually count answers. Meanwhile, with Word, you have to protect the form so no one writes over it, and then you have to manually collate the answers to see the data. Access might be less of a hassle, but most people find it too powerful to create a simple form.

Easy forms and data retrieval 

Google Forms provides many options for question types, including dependent questions with built-in scripts. You can embed forms in emails, on websites, and as a stand-alone URL.

Perhaps best of all is that Google Forms automatically makes a Google spreadsheet for each Form you create. Recipients’ answers can be collected anonymously or with contact information. The data is automatically collated into a spreadsheet, and Google provides graphs based on responses. In addition, notifications alert you when someone fills out a form, allowing you to quickly review new information.


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