Simple, Collaborative,

Simple, Yet Robust

Google Groups makes sharing information a breeze. 

Our class teaches you how to setup, manage your groups and harness all the powerful features integrated into this simple to use application. Whether you need to streamline email workflow, create interactive web forums, or manage sales and support requests, Google Groups is the solution.

Email Simplified

Imagine being able to quickly setup custom groups and communicate across multiple teams and departments using a single email address. Incoming, outgoing, and replies — all included under one account. Add or drop members as needed to share and collaborate in record time.

Interactive Web Forums

Powerful, wiki-style groups help foster discussion that anyone can take part in. Create private internal groups for employees to share ideas, best practices, and tips for peers. Or make your groups public, and bring customers and product experts together, to foster community and solve common problems.

Best of all, responses are automatically archived and can later be utilized as FAQs, knowledge bases, or support guides for customers and team members.

Collaborative Inboxes

Take the power of groups even further by building custom resources that help sales and support teams manage workflow. Similar to a traditional email list, collaborative inboxes provide extended functionality, allowing you to assign messages to group members, track statuses, and organize topics to make searching easier.

IT Support (Not) Required

Google Groups runs quickly and securely in Google cloud infrastructure. No more submitting tickets to IT to create and manage your groups (or long wait times to get it done). You’re in control to make changes when and where you want. You don’t even have to be at the office — anywhere with an internet connection becomes your private workspace.

No equipment to buy, software to update, or technical hassles to deal with.

We have Intro and Advanced classes, plus Tips and Tricks classes for Google Groups.

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