Collaborative and
Dynamic Presentations

Google Slides

With Google Slides, you can create beautiful presentations with a uniform look and branding.

These aren’t the slide presentations of yesteryear. Add interest to your Slides with embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions. You can also access Google Templates, found in the Chrome Store, to leverage what others have done with Google Slides.

When you’re done, publish your presentations on the web so anyone can view them, or share them privately.

Access anywhere

No more worrying about losing your computer and data. Using Drive, you can access your Slides presentation from any device and from anywhere. And, with Drive’s offline access, you can edit existing presentations — even when you don’t have an Internet connection.


Just like with Docs, you can collaborate with up to 50 people at a time. You can also have people write comments, instead of edit, so you can control the flow of information. Also, like Docs, when sharing you can set permissions for editing, view only or commenting.

Sharing and security

Slides presentations each have a unique URL, allowing you to share publicly, with your company, or with individuals. Share your Slides with up to 200 individual email addresses, or share unlimited with a group email address like 

When it comes to security, Google has you covered. Any recipient of a forwarded email, containing your Slides, will not be able to see the information without your permission. This allows you to control the dissemination of information, unlike an attachment, which is out of your control once it’s emailed.


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